Basement Finishing

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Basement Finishing

We provide professional basement remodeling and renovation services throughout the St. Charles area. We’ll transform that once unimpressionalble place into a lovely extension of your home! Here are a few of the things we can do to help you!

Basements tend to be overlooked and are primarily used for storage. Do not make your basement an afterthought when it can be transformed into something that beautifies and increases the value of your house! Basement finishing can be a somewhat simple endeavor. Let us help you finish that basement promptly so which you can appreciate it even sooner!

We’ll work closely with you and ensure the finished product turns just as you wanted. After all, you’ll be the one living there, even though we could work fast and economically! During the finishing process we will do our best to offer the best choices for your needs. We can assist with lighting choices, paint types and colors, as well as flooring options. We work fast and economically while maintaining our focus to provide you with a great finished basement

Design with purpose. We have many basement flooring tips and happily offer our expertise in options that would work best for your family’s needs and preferences. Choices are unlimited with potention designs for your basement. These areas have been turned into home theaters, wine cellars, exercise rooms, additional bedrooms, bars and more. We realize that it is human nature to change our minds and that is absolutely fine. Let us work with you to design this area with a purpose in mind and if it changes along the way, we will work hard to keep prices low and communicate with you frequently throughout the process until it is finished.

Consider the entire design of the house. When remodeling your basement, you will want this area to match or complement the look of your house. The finished basement should be a natural expansion of the house and never an area that doesn’t create a natural flow throughout your home.

Don’t forget the natural light. In many basement setups, the absence of light is very common, especially natural light from outside. We make it a priority to optimize as much natural light as we can to minimize the use of electricityduring the day.

In our experience with homeowners, it is a real challenge to decide the besst fuction of a basement other than as a storage area. Our design team will work with you to create added living space that also incorporates storage, if that is your desire.