Basement Lighting

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Basement Lighting

Basement lighting can bea challenge to a lot of remodelers, when choosing a lighting design. Due to this, most remodelers will install standard fixtures throughout the basement. This, however, is not usually the ideal option, especially when using the basement as an extension of living space. Since basements are typically designed for storage, the lighting is most often an afterthought. Here at St. Charles Basement Finishing we assure you that we want you to be happy in your remodel and not onlyguarantee a well-lit basement, but one that will be attractive to you and your visitors.

Storage Areas. Basements are one of the most popularstorage areas for homeowners; often consisting of poorly lit areas that require the help of a flashlight when searching for something. A venture into your basement doesn’t have to include the use of explorer’s supplies. There are a multitude of lighting options, even for storage arease. For this use of a basement, we often aim for a light beam at an angle that focuses on the storage area

Recreation Room light.This room setting may very likely require a variety of lighting depending ou the layout. A recreation room should be well- lit, inviting and functional; afterall its purpose is to have family and friends gather for fun. Perhaps you have a pool or billiards table, which needs overhead lighting that filters light to the surrounding area as well. Or if you want softer light that provides an inviting comfortable atmosphere, perhaps wall lighting will be the choice. When deciding on recreation room lighting, keep safetly in mind as well. For example, while fluorescent light is generally considered an economical choice, it is usually a starker lighting source and can hazardous if bulbs are broken. This is an important factore when there may be lots of activity in a room involving children. We can offer suggestions.

Path Lights. This design typically consists of a strong device that allows the lights to have multiple positions, most light fixtures will only have one light place. Path lights share precisely the same effectiveness yet, they may be considerably more aesthetically pleasing and much more proper in a property setting.

Finally, our design team adores lights! We could work with youto select the best light choices that will illuminate your basement for a long time.