Basement Remodeling

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Basement Remodeling

We’ll transform that once unlivable space into a lovely extension of your home!

In regards to basement remodeling, it is necessary to truly have a plan that is properly designed. With our design plan set up, we are now able to begin the remodeling process. We take a detailed approach to ensure your satisfaction with all the basement renovation and to prevent mishaps from occurring in the future.

1-Heat and insulation. The final goal of the basement would be to create a livable space that is comfortable during all seasons. It does no good to create a space which is cool and comfortable in the summer but far too cold in the winter. At St. Charles Basement Finishing, we can guarantee you that the layout plan includes provisions to accommodate for the hot summers and cold winters.

2-Venting. Basements may get stuffy if there isn’t adequate airflow throughout. Ventilation shafts can practically guarantee more comfortable surroundings in your basement. Through the remodeling period, we’ll take into account the air circulation needs to ensure as much fresh air as possible.

3-Proper Pipes. It is recommended that while remodeling the basement, to strongly consider the addition or update of a bathroom. Implementing this is always a welcomed convenience; saving trips upstairs and making the area more accomodating for guests and family members alike. We can help you decide on the placement and/or upgrades of this during the remodeling phase.

4-Electrical Work. The planning stages of your remodel will also include sufficient electrical plugs for all your electrical needs, whether for appliances or specific room types from kitchens and bathrooms to home theaters and laundry rooms. We have qualified electricians on staff to guarantee the successful execution of electricity through the basement.

5-Waterproofing. One of the most crucial steps before any work begins is checking for leaks, moisture issues, and mold, etc. The basement should waterproofing systems in place to prevent dampness and even potential flooding. For houses that experience heavy rains or are located near bodies of water, we’ll take specific steps in choosing the proper materials for basement flooring, windows, walls, and ceilings.

We’re well equipped for any job and can even give you tips for finishing a basement.