Egress Windows and Wells

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Egress Windows and Wells

The inclusion of a basement egress window can turn any basement into a place that is more inviting and while allowing for natural light. In addition to the benefits that are aesthetic, basement egress windows and wells are crucial to your security. There are several things you’ll want to think about in this process to make sure that you get it right the very first time.

Prior to completion of any work on the basement, an effective design is imperative. What type of room do you want in your basement? Will it be a bedroom, theater, a recreation room, an exercise room, or do you simply desire more storage space? Keep in mind the need for ample light and proper ventilation; which rooms are in the most need? Another important consideration is the need for an egress or emergency exit. While bathrooms and utility rooms typically do not require this, bedrooms certainly do.

Another phase is discovering just how many bedrooms will require an egress window. Remember, the principle is one window per common bedroom space. Usually the windows are already in place, and during thebasement remodeling jobs we are happyt to work with you to update them. It’s crucial for your contractor to know local building codes (luckily we do) to ensure that everything is compliant. We are able to work together with you to determine the most energy efficient windows that will generate savings on your monthly utility statement. If windows are a requirement for your basement makeover, we can help you make the best selection while working with your budget. The right range of window will have to let plenty of light and ventilation for the specific space. Along with these elements, the window has to supply adequate security, safety, and seclusion.

In case the basement window openings are not large enough, our team can work with you to adjust the size. Usually the well will need to be excavated; the concrete cut by a concrete saw, some masonry work is required to repair the opening, and making sure there is proper drainage in place, prior to the window setup.

Selecting the right egress windows for a basement renovation can entail a significant quantity of preparation. Make sure you have some knowledge or hire an expert when determining the needs in your new basement as well as the requirements of your local municipality. This results in a smoother basement makeover and will definitely make communication with your contractor easier.