St. Peters, MO Basement Remodeling

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St. Peters Basement Finising

If you reside in St. Peters and you have a basement project, give us a call! St. Charles Basement Finishing is the answer to what you’re looking for in remodeling yourold, neglected basement. As basement remodelers and professional contractors, we assist homeowners with bringing life to their basements. We’ve helped countless homeowners transform their basements into something much better. Oftentimes, homeowners then try to do it on their own from start to finish. Some do it well, others not so much, and realize theyshould have called us the first time around. Not onlycan we assist you in providing the desired outcomeyou’ve envisioned, but it’ll also save time, money, and hassle in the future. We take a comprehensive approach to basement remodeling and we are strive to give you the perfect results.

Each successful basement remodeling job developed from a well thought out and planned layout. The design procedure helps us in putting together a proposal to cover all the costs for labor and materials. We promise that your renovation will be great!

After a proper plan is put into place, we can begin theinitial stages. Our crews will inspect the property make sure all water seepage and leaks have been thoroughly addressed before any construction starts. Water destroyspaint, walls, carpet, and cabinetry. Attending to this part of the building stage helps to ensure that your basement remodeling investment stands the test of time.One of many advantages of using a contractor that is professional like St. Charles Basement Finishing is the fact that we bring expertise and the skills of hundreds of basement remodeling jobs that have been very successful.

Ductwork during the construction phase provides the appropriate ventilation throughout the basement. This not only helps prevent moisture build up and humidity but also improves air quality and the utmost circulation. Trust us when we say you will need to correct any water and ventilation issues so that your investment will be preserved.

If you’re undecided about what to utilize your basement for, one exciting idea is a home theater room. Basements are secluded from the main part of the house,private, and generally already darker . These existing properties makeit an ideal setting for the movie viewing experience. However to get the full effect of this, you can’t simply set up a TV, couch, and turn off the lights… No way! It is possible to do much much better than that and you deserve the best home theater experience possible.See our design team work their magic as they show you a number of home theatre concepts which have been popular with a number of our clients. We’ve got entire portfolios to show you that might help to create the dream basement for you in St. Peters.

The project entails many aspects, and we’ll help you from floor to ceiling, and everything in-between from furnishings, décor, wiring, sound, insulation and climate control.

Along with proper flooring, our designers can help you pick the right chairs for the area. Stadium recliners, love seats, bean bags, or seating, we can help you select those that’ll work best with the space. An excellent home theater willalso require visual equipment & quality sound. We are able to provide you with recommendations that have repeately given our customers the very best results. The variety of services and designs we are able to provide to you will make the renovation project a grand success.

We work with homeowners each and every day to bring an exciting newness to your home while also increasing the dollar value of your home. Our staff will give new life to your basement!