Theater Rooms

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Theatre Rooms

There really are several things to understand regarding the designing of a home theatre room that can help you to establish a time frame and budgetfor finishing the project. This is a very detailed process involving lighting, room layout, acoustics and equipment. We work with you throughout this process to determing a design that will satisfy you the most. Our home theatre design team could assist you as well as review a variety of alternatives for customizing a basement theatre room that will meet the needs of your family.

Because we canl help you with choosing the highest quality gear for your home entertainment area we advocate hiring St. Charles Basement Finishing, the professionals. Quality equipment for your theatre room will create an important difference in picture and sound experience.With so many details involved from the positioning of seats to the specific size of the display. Typically the bigger the display the further away the seats should be. This will result in a much more satisfying film viewing experience. Also bear in your mind, sofas and the seats should be comfy.

The location of the loudspeakers is another item, we’ll need to discusswhen designing the basement theatre room. In a real movie theater, there is the surround sound system and it is no different for home entertainment!

We have designed home theaters to resemble the old fashioned movie theater style as well as contemporary one that utilize sofas. We will be sure that the look and feel of your home theater matches what you have in mind. From every light bulb and ceiling tile down to the carpeting choice, your input will be heard by our team.

With concealing your DVD’s and other audio equipment, and all the necessary wiring involved, usually cupboards, cabinetry or some type ofstorage is recommended. Having a way to conceal wiring and electrical equipment offers a clean, organized look as well as help in preventing accidents.